John F. Haddow - Professional profile

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John Haddow has over 30 years experience in the monitoring and study of bats

John Haddow of Auritus Consultancy Ltd

In July 2005 John Haddow took early retirement from secondary school teaching and became a full-time environmental consultant specialising in bats.

He established Auritus Wildlife Consultancy at that time, formerly known as the John Haddow Consultancy. He has been a specialist on bats in Scotland since 1974.

He has worked as an adviser on bats with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) (formerly NCC) since 1983 and as a trainer for SNH staff as well as volunteer batworkers. Currently is contracted to SNH as a 'contract batworker', and joined the SNH Bat Casework Team in November 2002 when SNH reviewed its policy on bat advice work.

  • Has organised training courses for SNH staff and others in Scotland since 1987.
  • Has provided training for SNH staff on bats on several in-house courses.
  • Involved in provision of training for the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) since 2000.
  • Extensive field experience of bats, through various local and national surveys, and through study projects on Daubenton’s, Pipistrelle and Natterer’s bats, and the use of Castles in Scotland as bat roosts.
  • Co-editor of Scottish Bats journal since 1992.
  • Tutor on terrestrial mammal identification and mammal ecology for The Mammal Society and Kindrogan Field Centre.